Our LED Frames Use Light to Boost Sales


Our LED signs are uniquely designed to amplify the colors, textures and overall visual impact of your advertising messages. They can accommodate almost any kind of artwork you would like us to print for you! We are happy to simply take your predesigned marketing pieces to the next level with the power of our light and the elegance of our frames. But should you need a little help deciding what kind of pieces will provide you with the most impact on your sales, we have an in-house design team at your disposal! We want to help you not just light up your world, but provide you with carefully selected colors and designs, complimented by our LED frames, designed to drive up your sales and increase your retail traffic!

Would you like to know some of the most powerful colors in marketing?

Red Light Equals IntensityLet's start with #1...RED

Commonly associated with strength, power and dignity, this is one of the most popular colors in advertising. Red light also has association with anger, rage, annoyance. But these are not entirely missing the mark when it comes to marketing. Why? Because powerful emotions often lead to decisive action!

Orange Encourages Eagerness#2...ORANGE

Orange is a blend of the intensity of red with the calming influence of yellow. It can often excite feelings of anticipation, eagerness and interest. If your goal is to build hype around an upcoming event or product, orange is your color! It is associated with engaging and fun brands…or brands that wish to be so!

Yellow Encourages Joy#3...YELLOW (or GOLD)

Yellow is often associated with a feeling of serenity, happiness, joy and even ecstasy. It encourages a positive outlook which is very helpful for any brand. It can quiet potential unrest and reinforce a sense of joy. You will find gold a close companion. It is no surprise brands like Rolex and American Express use gold as their primary color as it is often associated with wealth, money and status.

Green Associates With Friendly#4...GREEN

This incredibly versatile color can evoke a great many emotions. Green light is one of the easiest colors for our brains to process. It lends itself to trust, acceptance, and transparency and also has associations with wealth and money. Often considered a very "friendly" color, green recalls thoughts of nature. With brands looking more and more to identify with environmentally friendly practices, it is no wonder we see green popping up more and more in brands that identify with "organic", "natural" and "eco-friendly".

Blue Identifies with Trustworthy#5...BLUE

Blue is another very transitional color. As we have touched on before, blue light tends to calm and reduce anxiety and is associated with "cool" and "refreshing". We see blue used quite frequently in brands that want to create a "refreshing" image. Blue is also commonly associated with feelings of honesty and trustworthiness. We see blue used in a lot of tech companies as it also suggests intelligence and connectivity. You will notice it features quite prominently in our own mark! It is no accident that we see blue quite frequently on the internet. You might even say blue is the "unofficial" color of the internet!

Let us take your sales to the next level!

If you're ready to take your sales and visual marketing to the next level, message us and let us show you how our custom LED frames can amplify your marketing messages, impact your sales, increase foot traffic, generate excitement and encourage action! Whether you purchase just a frame and supply your own artwork for us to print or you enlist our designers to create something custom for your business, we know our LED frames will take your sales to a new level! Invite our installers come out for a free in-house demo!